Friday, 27 November 2015

MY WINTER WISH LIST | Fashion, Skincare & Beauty bits I'm lusting after...

Disclaimer: None of the below photos are my own, and are subject to copyright to the link they're attached.

I turn 19 this December, and for my first year at University, being broke has made me appreciate luxuries such as these so much more this year - I can't wait to hit the boxing day sales! These are some of the things I've been craving for this Winter - I'm thinking of a shopping spree to treat myself for my birthday heheh... There's a bit of clothing, makeup and skincare in here so I hope there's something in here for all of you to drool over!


Sunday, 22 November 2015

DRUGSTORE MAKEUP HAUL | #StudentLoan problems...

As every fellow student can surely sympathise, I squeezed out the last of my student loan this week in SuperDrug to get my hands on the annual Christmas 3 for 2. I picked up a few old favourites I needed to repurchase from the drugstore, as well as some bits I've been waiting to try out from Revolution and Collection. Here's what I picked up:
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