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Long time no blog! I was having a browse on the Revolution website the other week and I was shocked at the low prices. I knew that for the value of their eyeshadow palettes, I wanted to pick one up. As the brand is only recently jumping into the makeup scene, I hadn't heard much about which palettes were the best or which shades I was interested in. Having only the websites photos, and other blogger swatches to go on, I grabbed the 'Affirmation' palette on a whim. I thought I'd share what I've thought of it so far:


Firstly, the palette was a lot smaller than I had first imagined, but for the price - you still can't really complain. It comes in nice packaging, where the lid can securely close without it popping open again; however, the glossy black plastic means finger smudges can sometimes make it look grubby - not something that bothers me that much though!

On the whole, for the bargain price of £8, if the finger marks on it don't bother you then it looks a nice quality.


There are 32 shades in the palette, from pale shades to darks, including a couple of purple shades as well as a some nice coppers, and theres even a nice olive green. There's also a matte white and a matte black, I just wish there was a couple more green colours and it would be complete!


The colours varied in pigmentation so I swatched them all below for you to see:

From left to right: pledge, forward, affirmation, morale, approve, hope, advance, truth

This is my favourite row by far, but I do love warm eye looks so that would probably be why! The shade 'pledge' is a bit disappointing for it's pigmentation, but there are other pale shades in this palette with better pigmentation that I dip into instead - as for the shade 'approve' and 'hope', they're my favourite shades in the palette, and both very creamy and pigmented for matte shades - love love love!

From left to right: positive, vouch, accept, time, reliance, confidence, blaze, light

From left to right: vow, reveal, oath, rely, consent, willing, vouch, promise
(I did notice there are two shades with the name 'vouch', so I'm a bit confused about that...)

The shade 'oath' in this row is AMAZING - I love how pigmented it is, and it's a beautiful taupe-champagne that I don't own anything else like!

'Consent' is also a very similar shade to Mac's 'sumptuous olive' and so easy to wear everyday.

From left to right: announce, convey, assure, disclose, state, insist, bold, declare

'Announce' makes a very nice and subtle transition shade, it's very similar to my Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in 'toast' - but a lot cheaper!


As far as favourite shades and least favourite shades go, there were very few that I thought were terrible - and for £8 I was shocked I didn't hate more of them. I've done a quick round up of some that stood out to me:

Faves:                                                   Flops:

Approve                                               Pledge
Hope                                                    Affirmation (the whole palette is named after this?!)
Advance                                               Positive
Truth                                                    Confidence
Oath                                                    Vow
Consent                                                 Reveal
Willing                                                 Convey

It might look like a lot, but with only 7 shades standing out as being disappointing, I would still recommend the palette to anyone! 25 amazing eyeshadow shades for £8?! In Mac that would cost hundreds of pounds!


As said before, I'm a sucker for a rose-gold copper makeup look, so unsurprisingly, one of my favourite eye looks is using my favourite four shades from the top row, but I also love the contrast of the olive and purple look, using 'consent' and 'willing':



Would I Recommend?   YES!
Pigmentation?                8/10
Colour Range?                9/10
Price?                           10/10

Hope you all have a lovely new year! What are you wearing on your face this evening? x

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