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THE LAZY GIRLS GUIDE TO FASHION | My Current Casual Wardrobe Staples.

When it comes to fashion, and the clothes that I wear on an every day basis, I just cannot be bothered. When I go out, or there's a party, or another special occasion I like to get dressed up and put in the effort to look nice and presentable but for my every day look like going to lectures or walking to the shops, it's surprising I don't just go in my pajamas.

I read one of Estee's posts here and it got me thinking about how there might be other girls out there who - like me - need saving when it comes to their clothes. So Estee showed her favourite items and tips to looking chic without the effort, so I thought I would give it a go too. So here are my current casual wardrobe staples that still have you looking half decent:

Black Jeans

My first 'must' for a simple but stylish wardrobe is black jeans. I love black jeans and spend my life in them. I love the Topshop Jamie jeans (£45) especially - which they do in all sorts of colours - but I also think that Primark does some great jeans and jeggings that are also so comfy (roughly £10-£14).

I like black jeans because I know I can wear them with everything without worrying about anything clashing or not looking put together, but I know lots of people who prefer blue jeans and pull them off amazingly - which of course is fine! Paired with some black boots and a nice blouse or shirt I think that it looks so smart and classic even though it is so effortless and comfy.


They are a nightmare to photograph though...


One of my favourite items to put into my outfit is a shirt. I love how they instantly make you look that little bit cooler while still looking put together. Throughout Autumn and Winter they give you an extra bit of warmth since they are great for layering, but I've found they work equally well in the warmer months for a bit of men-style chic.

There's a wide array of options too - I love wearing them on their own with any type of trouser, over another top, or just around my waist for some extra texture and layering in my outfit. You can style them with some slick black jeans and heels for an office-appropriate look for a meeting, but you could also tie it round your waist paired with a basic tank top and shorts in Summer. Versatile and foolproof, just what I love.

For some fashion inspo - Sammi styles them perfectly herehere or here, in fact just check out everything she has to say on fashion and style because her outfits are always FLAWLESS.

Topshop shirt - £29
Primark shirt - £12
Hollister shirt (mens) - £29



A good pair of boots just look so good with everything, you can get them heeled, flat, ankle-high, knee-high and so on, there's really no end to the possibilities. My favourites are my heeled black boots from H&M, I really feel like they add a bit of sophistication to an outfit, even if it's just a shirt and jeans. I also grabbed this pair from Primark, although not as hard-wearing and sturdy, they're so comfortable and I love styling them with a jumper and my button-down denim skirt from River Island. They also do the same ones in black, last time I checked.

Particularly around the Winter months, boots look great with some fluffy socks poking out the top too - I've also been eying up a pair of knee-high boots too which I have to get my paws on soon.

H&M boots - £24
Primark boots - £14



When it comes to accessories, I've never been a huge jewellery girl. I love sunglasses and will most likely always have a pair on me in the warmer months, but when it comes to Autumn and Winter, I will always choose hats and scarfs. I picked up this chunky scarf from Primark either last Winter or the Winter before, but I've seen the exact same one recently so I'm sure they bring similar ones out every year. What I love about it is that it. is. so. thick. Wrapped around more than once, and it almost covers my entire face! But it does keep me warm, and the simple black and white pattern means I can pair it with almost anything and it still looks good. Plus I think it was only around £8!

If you're not a scarf person then hats can be an amazing way to accessorise any outfit at any time of the year, whilst also covering up a bad hair day. Towards the end of the year, I love wearing beanies and bobble hats to give that street-style look to an outfit. In summer, I have an amazing black floppy hat that I took everywhere on holiday with me. It's from H&M, and you can find it here.

THE Jacket/Coat

Last but not least is the jacket or coat. I don't know about everyone else but I am definitely a jacket person. I feel that if you're going to invest in anything; then a good jacket or coat that you can wear with any type of outfit is the way to go! My personal favourite at the moment is this faux sheepskin-lined woollen coat from Forever 21:


At about £55 it was a bit on the pricier side, but ever since I've bought it, I've worn it almost every day. It isn't available anymore I don't think, but I have found a similar one here, and I've also seen almost identical ones in H&M and Topshop.

My usual outfit usually consists of a range of the above items. I think if you invest heavily in a jacket then it can either be the statement of every outfit, meaning you can spend less time worrying about that, or an essential addition that pulls the rest of it together. Once I'd found the perfect coat or jacket I stopped worrying so much about what goes on underneath...

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my casual style staples, do you have a fashion piece that is your holy grail?


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