Friday, 3 June 2016


*This post is not sponsored by Spotify and all opinions are my own*

Recently I've been seriously changing up the music I've been listening too - mainly due to my new premium account on Spotify. I have playlists for the shower, for falling asleep to, for working, for the commute, you name it.

I thought I'd share some of my recent favourites. Due to them all being so different (and I mean, so so SO different) I think there will be something for everyone here...

- The album artwork for some of my spotify playlists, from left to right: country, driving, fun, sleepy time, going out. - 

Country Lovin'

I don't know if it's because i've never really listened to country music before, or maybe it has something to do with my latest obsession with The Longest Ride (*cough* Scott Eastwood *cough*); either way, I have been loving a bit of acoustic man voice in my life. I'm loving Sam Hunt and Kip Moore especially, and my two favourite songs at the moment are linked below:

Yes, I'm a 'Metal Head' now

Another genre i've been dabbling into is heavy metal. It sounds strange even typing it out but it's not all guitar solos and screaming you know... Jake's always been huge metal head and one long car journey we took together he decided to try and win me over by playing some of his favourites. If I hadn't been locked in that car unable to jump out straight onto the motorway then I don't think he would have succeeded, but he did. This song just hits me right in the feels, I just looooooove it.

Some others I love...

And these are some more songs i've been loving, not as random but just as good.

- and just the Chainsmokers in general actually - 

So, if you've picked up anything useful from this post, - unlikely - then it would be to try new things! Look outside your comfort zone even with small things such as music and i'm sure you'd surprise yourself, I definitely did.

What playlists would you recommend on Spotify?

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